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Official AMC's Talking Dead Coffee Mug



The Official Talking Dead mug, slightly redesigned for 2018! I had always thought just having the logo on one side wasn’t enough. It NEEDED something. Then it hit me—1-855-DEAD-LIVE—the only phone number that requires a voice changer when you say it. These are the exact mugs we have on the show, and the ones the guests get to take home and sip liquids out of. So get one today! And tell your friends you were a guest on Talking Dead. People are either too busy or too lazy to look into these things, so no one will ever know! And if some snarky douchenozzle DOES challenge you to “PROVE IT”, you can wave this glorious mug in their mug. 

- Matte Black, 14 oz. stoneware.
- Microwave safe.
- Dishwasher safe, hand wash recommended.
- Made in China, decorated in USA.